Group stay at the cottage

The cottage welcomes groups of people for various projects: yoga retreats, sports and nature stays, choir singing and music workshops, ski holidays, artists residencies ...


The site has a big reception room for events and gathering, there are also 2 smaller rooms for workshops or other activities. 

A big outdoor space allows you to find quiet spots in nature, ideal for peace and relaxation.


As the place is equiped for disabled people, we often welcome groups with mental or motor deficiencies. We work with local partners who can organise activities and visits in the valley. 


Some idea of what to do in the area:


Cycling: The Tour de France often makes his way through the Barousse valley. Great and challenging roads for passionate people.


Horse riding: A nice way to discover the beauty of a wild and mountainous environment.


Hiking: Numerous hiking trails for all levels. We work with professional mountain guides who can organise photography treks, stag rutting treks or regular hikes in 


Paragliding: If you like thrilling sensations, paragliding above the Pyrénées can be a unique experience!


Cheese farms: Wether you like sheep, cow or goat cheese you can visit one of many farmers in the valley and have a taste of our local products.


Cultural sights: Medieval town, castel, cathedral, town markets... and Spain not far away.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to plan your trip to the Pyrénées.